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MCT Sequential One 'Sparkle.' Piéce unique

MCT Sequential One 'Sparkle.' Piéce unique

I had the great opportunity of photographing some truly unique and beautiful timepieces from MCT the other week.

The watches are beautiful and feature an innovative movement. The display is unique in that when it’s 12 o’clock the 12 shows at the standard 12 position. 3 o’clock is displayed at the usual 3 position, 6 o’clock at the 6 position and 9 o’clock at the 9 position. The other hours are displayed alternately at one of these positions. This means the hours are displayed at 4 different positions on the dial.

The minutes are displayed on a sapphire rotating 3/4 ring and the minute hand will indicate the actual time. What is really clever is that the minute hand can maintain it’s course around the dial and the minute ring and hour display change accordingly. Check out the video below to get a sense for how it all works:

At the changing of the hour, the minute ring jumps 90 degrees to reveal the next hour. Because the minute ring jumps counter clockwise the advance of the hours also goes counter clockwise. The minutes have only 3/4 of a circle to indicate the minutes, so it more or less can be compared to a retrograde hand, although it’s absolutely no retrograde hand.

The hour is displayed on 5 triangular prisms. When the minute hand approaches 30 on the sapphire dial, the prisms directly under the 30 start to rotate and slowly display a new hour. This new hour will be revealed when the sapphire minute ring makes it’s jump.

*description sourced from Monochrome.

More images in the gallery below.


Technical Specifications


Sequential indication of the hour on prisms
Minutes on a jumping rotating sector
Seconds on the back


MCT-S1 mechanical manual hand-winding movement, developed by MCT
37.40 x 37.40mm (16½ linen), H 4.35mm without module, 10.75mm with module
471 pieces
Stripped finish on bridges
Traditional Breguet terminal curve
Patented system for rotation of the Minutes dial and for accumulation of energy
Frequency 18,000 A/h (2.5Hz)
Indication of the Minutes on 270° sector
Power reserve of 40 hours
81 Rubies


45.00 x 45.00mm, H 15.5mm in centre and, 6.0mm on the edges
Crafted from Titanium Grade 5 and sapphire, composed of 43 parts
DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon)


Front crystal made of sapphire with double anti-reflective coating
Rear crystal made of sapphire with anti-reflective coating on the inside side
Middle crystal made of sapphire


Minutes: Rotating Minutes dial crafted from delicate sapphire
Hours: Made of 4 modules composed of 5 triangular prisms each


Calf, double hand stitched with anti-allergic inner leather
Double deployment clasp
Standard strap dimension 130mm x 60mm


30 metres