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Geneva Motor Show 2014

I had the great pleasure of visiting the famous Geneva motor show again this year during the press days. 

First held in 1905, the motor show has hosted almost all major models in the history of automobiles, even benzene- and steam-powered cars from the beginning of the century. Exotic super cars are often the center of attention during the show. Prototypes, new equipment, technical breakthroughs, international partnerships, and more have been announced at the exhibition in the past. 

This years show had some awesome cars, visit the gallery after the jump to see a selection of images from the show.

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7 Basic tips for getting great Motor show photos

With the Geneva motor show fast approaching (a little over a week from now), I thought it would be a good time to share a few tips on how to get the most out of your shots at the show. 

Motor shows are a fantastic opportunity to get some beautiful cars in front of your camera. Needless to say however, these events attract an enormous amount of people so getting great photos isn't always so easy. Hopefully these few basic tips will help!

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Strength & Honor

Last night was the Strength & Honor Championship, an annual mixed martial arts championship, this year held at the Theatre du Leman in the Kempinski Hotel. It was my first time seeing a mixed martial art championship live and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fighters are great athletes and showed some incredible sportsmanship towards their opponents. I brought my camera along to captures some moments from the night, which you can browse through in the gallery below.

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Grand Firework Display - Geneva 2013

The annual Grand firework display in Geneva was held this past saturday. Every year is stunning, but this year I had a truly great view and was able to take capture some interesting images. Since the display lasts for roughly an hour, there was plenty of time for experimentation. Some of the images may not be to everyones liking I'm sure, as they are very untraditional, but its always good to experiment and try new things! Hope you enjoy the gallery.

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